A perfectly landscaped garden can add elegance through design, color, theme, and height. Numerous property owners have garden features in mind that they want to use. However, most of them don’t know how to do so and they lack the time to finish these tasks on their own. Thankfully, landscaping architects exist to assist you to realize a long-held vision or dream in terms of having your backyard landscape designed. If you like to add a garden design into your yard, then you should know how expert designers can collaborate with you to realize your project:

Mixed grass meadow

This type of garden design is a great addition to any landscapes since they can incorporate privacy to your property and you can enjoy their color and texture. Wildflowers and desert grasses can be low-maintenance, visually interesting, and have vivid colors that are pleasing to the eyes. You can also incorporate desert grasses that are perfect for landscaping, such as Mexican thread grass, deer grass, pink muhly, and blue grama.

Zen garden

Did you know that you can actually achieve a Zen garden even if you are living in the Southwest? Monochromatic greens can be paired with dwarf trees, rocks, gravel, and other plants. Japanese-style Zen gardens are, in fact, perfect for shade lawns. Zen garden’s shade plants could be Japanese boxwood, Asian jasmine, umbrella grass, and heavenly bamboo. Moreover, succulents and cactus can also be incorporated in the Zen garden if you want to spice up some dramatic visual interest.

Formal garden

Formal gardens are strong and simple once you add hardscaping elements. Several homeowners own walkways intended to draw viewers through the garden and even into small seating places. Besides, a formal garden is usually limited in color palette and design as if focuses on structure and order. A formal garden can be mixed with plants and shrubs, decorative urns, garden art, water features, and statuary.

If you want to apply such garden add-ons, make sure to hire a professional fence contractor near you to have an efficient landscaping design that you want to achieve.

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