Reasons to Insulate Your Attic and Basement 

No matter what time of the year it is, if you choose to improve the insulation in your attic and basement, you are doing the right move. Nowadays, the latest advancements in insulation will improve the comfort level inside your house. In addition to that, it also enhances your energy uses, and more.  

Are you still not convinced? Well, if you are still having doubts about spray foam insulation Omaha, here are several benefits that you will get if you insulate your basement and attic: 

Enhances Indoor Air Quality 

Mildew, dust, dirt, mold, and other things can enter your house if you do not have the right insulation in your attic. These things can drastically lower the quality of air inside your home. Over time, ongoing air leaks can lead to respiratory and other health issues since these particulates work their way inside our bodies 

However, if you install insulation in the attic, you can stop these toxins from entering and spreading across your house. It enables you and your family to breathe fresh and clean air. 

Protect the Foundation 

One crucial method to protect the foundation of your house from exterior water leaking is to insulate the exterior of your basement. Aside from affecting your pipes, the constant thawing and freezing of cold temperatures can damage your foundation. It can cause cracks that can lower the structural integrity of your whole home.  

Keep in mind that a foundation repair service is not a cheap one. You’ll have to invest a lot of money on it. 

Protect the Pipes from Freezing 

There are high chances that the water pipes inside your basement walls will freeze if the temperatures will drop down below 0 degrees. Aside from being inconvenient for homeowners, a frozen pipe can also burst. Depending on the size of the affected pipe, the cost to fix this problem is usually extremely expensive.  

However, you will not have to worry about this type of problem if your basement is properly insulated.  

Lowers Moisture Content 

Poor insulation can cause condensation. For those who don’t know, condensation can accumulate moisture in the walls. That is why it is also known as “weeping walls”. Whenever there is an extreme amount of moisture on your walls, it will cause fungi, mold, and mildew to grow in your basement and attic. Obviously, as we have mentioned, these things will cause severe health issues over time.  

If you want to lower the possibilities of these problems happening in your life, you should install insulation in your basement and attic. 

Lower Utility Bills 

You can offer a protective shield between the extreme temperatures of the outdoors and your house if you properly insulate your attic and basement. The purpose of insulation is to help control the temperature inside your home. It can help keep your house cool during summer and warm in the winter.  

Because of this, you won’t have to use your HVAC unit too often. Thus, you will also lower your monthly utility bill.  

What Are The Benefits of Insulating Your Home with Spray Foam? 

Spray foam insulation, particularly spray polyurethane, is a kind of insulation that provides distinct benefits and it is installed using spray foam, hence, the name. The installer will utilize special equipment and spray the polyurethane into the area that needs to be insulated. After spraying, the foam will expand about 30-100 times its usual volume to entirely fill the area it lodges. Here are some of the major benefits if you use spray foam insulation in your homes: 

Air sealing 

Since spray foam can expand where it’s placed, it has a great quality of air sealing as it closes the holes and gaps where air, moisture, and pests could reach into your room. 

High R-value 

Every inch of a spray foam contains one of the highest R values compared to other alternative types of insulation. Spray foam contains 4 or 5 R-value every square inch compared to blown fiberglass that only contains 2 or 3 R-value. This is what makes this type of insulation more efficient.  

Fire retardant 

This kind of insulation can help flames to spread slowly in case there’s fire. Closed-cell is a water vapor barrier and denser air. Open foam does not entirely closes, which leaves a more quality similar to a sponge. Closed-cell spray foam can stop condensation that results in the development of mold due to its air-sealing and chemical qualities.  

Can be used outdoors 

Spray foams that are closed cell is a dependable source to be utilized outdoors. If you spray some in concrete gaps or under your roof, it will help repel moisture and seal things.  

Saves energy 

Highly efficient air sealing and high R values indicate that spray foam insulation can help save your energy consumptions. You can observe that your HVAC systems will run more efficiently once you will keep your air-conditioned air inside rather than seeping it outside.  


Spray foam isn’t just moisture and air barrier, however, it can add soundproofing to your home’s walls as well. Your open cell foam would be best to be applied in interior walls to prevent any noise to disturb you or anyone under the same roof. 

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